The Average Lizard Is In Better Shape Than Me

I lack upper body strength and definition. Not a big deal, I’m just saying, you know…I look like a lollipop. Years of vigorous biking and skateboarding have left me with the legs of a Minotaur–A Mr. Potatohead Minotaur. Anyways, there are things I could do, sure, but who really has the time. All I really want is to be revered as a gentleman. If the universe has decided I will be roundish, then so be it. But wait, what’s this…I can get in shape while being noticed? So says the Anole Lizard of Puerto Rico.

The Anole Lizard does push-ups to keep the attention of it’s neighbors when there is something that could detract from their presence. Don’t believe me? How dare you! But click here. Feel bad for doubting me? I thought so. So, anyways, it’s like, “Hey look at me…and now watch me do this little dance for you.” I guess that is why I started doing cartwheels at work, or took up jumping rope in random places.

Maybe this is why people have MySpace pages, Facebooks, or blogs like this one. So we can alert people to how interesting we are while they are not in our presence? I mean, I like to think I am a civilized, intelligent person, but I still feel the urge to impress people. I suppose that is the baby maker in me.

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