What’s That You’re Having?

I sat down at B+H with my vegetarian chili and lentil soup. It’s very cramped here.  No time for thinking.  You either order and sit or get swept aside by a local.  The perfect place for Terry Clemsdale.  After removing his coat he perused the menu. Miss Jenkins was having the borscht, a family of three was sharing waffles and a couple bialies, and then he saw what I was having.  His left eye twinkled with the recognition of the right choice. What’s that you’re having there? Clemsdale walked up to the bar and ordered my answer.  It struck me as odd, he even got the same juice drink: lemon, carrot, orange, w/ lots of ginger.  Yet, when the words “lots of ginger” escaped his mouth he cringed a little.  As if it was going to ruin the drink, but had to.

After finishing his meal he looked around the restaurant and settled yet again on me.  Uuugh, saayyy there, what are you doing today? He looked nervous as if what I was about to say might kill him.  I told him I was going to sit in the park with a cup of coffee and write a letter.  When the sun went down I would go see JCVD at Angelika.  I could feel his relief wash over me.  It was epic.  He put on his coat, hat, gloves–all very mismatched–and walked outside.  I walked outside and lit a ciggy.  A cab pulled up and Clemsdale opened the door.  Prospect Park, but first stop at stationary store.  Which one do you go to?


This is the first part of a thought experiment about a man who cannot make up his own mind.  It is impossible for him to decide and he relies on people’s choices to lead him through life.  In the next part I think he’ll meet up with a woman who has a sadistic control fetish and will force him to do all sorts of weird stuff.  Who would you hang out with if you knew that whatever they wanted to do would control you?  Eeek, probably not me, heh.

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