Are You Available For Some Party?!

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Boom! Deal with it!  Got a great new mixtape.  Some recycled artists, but all in all a real classic.  This one was made for Charlie “I’m Smelly” Ertola.  WEST UP!

Parades Go By – The Magnetic Fields
Based in England – Lil’ B
In Town ft. Nate Dogg – Dr. Dre
Black and Beautiful – Michael Liggins
Little Ethnic Song – Dinosaur Jr.
Road – Nick Drake
Fenugreek – MF Doom
Sister of the Moon – Fleetwood Mac
My Rims Dancin’ – Gucci Mane
Drive All Over Town – Elliot Smith
Für immer jung – Bushido
Superstar – Sonic Youth
Vampire – Antsy Pantsy
I Wonder ft. Hassan Chop – King Geedorah
Me and Mrs. Jones – Billy Paul
Wait a Minute – Eddie Ray
Cold War – GZA
Shoot Me Down – Lil’ Wayne
You Were Good In Your Time – Morrissey
Da Bumble – E-40
Boredom – The Buzzcocks
? – ?

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