Right Foot Forward: Do Not Buy and Do Not Forget

Corey Duffel may not be a racist.  I don’t actually know him and don’t care to, but what he said was wrong.  I don’t support him and I do not support his sponsors.  You don’t forgive someone for saying something like that.  There are a million kids that rip on skateboards and would kill to have a shot at going pro.  Corey: you fucking blew it and don’t deserve anything accept to rot poor and alone…which ironically is the image you are trying to manufacture no?

Chris Nieratko Interview

Same goes for the interviewer.  You are pure trash.  Anyone trying to interview him for that matter is ignorant and sympathizes with racism.  Here is another interview with someone who tries to claim his sponsors “dicked him over.”  Pathetic:

Modern Fix Interview 2

Never even heard of these ^ losers so I won’t even bother talking about it. Point being. Do not purchase the new Transworld video Right Food Forward. Transworld is a total shit show corporation and doesn’t deserve the money and the people that associate themselves with Corey Duffel do not deserve to be highlighted in a film. I mean, Bobby Worrest? Not surprised he would be associated with Corey Duffel.

It’s sad to see these skaters molded by the industry to sell a product. I remember when I first saw Dustin Dollin. It was at Alameda Skatepark. He was wearing a button up t-shirt and had a nice hair cut. He popped one of the sickest airs I have ever seen. I mean like, John Cardial up there style, true story. 2 weeks later I see him in all black leather studded out like he has been on streets and adopted punk culture…weak as fuck. You are a fraud and an embarrassment to skating.

Shame shame shame so much lame in the game.


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