Iwanttoaskya Slim

I met a man today who had a story to tell.  He falls into a category too often overlooked by society: The Nefarious Hipster.  Blending into most backgrounds with earth tone loose fitting clothes and bark colored head wear; sneaking around with slow graceful weed induced movements.  You’ve probably written one off as a new age business man or a yoga loving hobo, but look closer my friend.  See the quick darting eyes and the sweat that drips down their face when confronted with having to pay exorbitant rent like everyone else with their 9-5 grind…yes that’s right, Iwanttoaskya Slim is a Williamsburg pusher.

How I came to be in the presence of wasted potential greatness is not important.  I walked into a funny situation and found myself face to face with a funny man, his ironic brindle pit bull, his eclectic assortment of world instruments, his curious smells and even more curious wall mounted drift wood “art”, a text book on yoga, an ever so slightly too large collection of jazz standard piano books, a number of furniture items that stick out cause they were clearly not purchased while stoned and of course, the sweet smell of that shtickity wahickity ickity gangsta gabalaba green goblin.

iSlim has a lot of things to offer the casual consumer of non-FDA approved medicines, but more importantly he has stories from home and abroad…as well as a legal blend of seven hand picked herbs that will answer any question you ask it before inhaling it into your truth-smoke-holding virgin lungs.

And so, my curious urbanites fighting the hardships of being slightly more wealthy than most, over educated and suffering from a lack of historically identifiable culture, next time on Bad Ankles -  The Story of Iwanttoaskya Slim: Drugs, Real estate and Multilayered Synchronicities.


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