I Dabble…

Craig’s List ad for apt:

“Grove Manor, in the Central Riding of Bushwicke, is desirous of an esteemed Lady or Gentleman to take up Residence. Commoners, if they be studious Scholars, or Practitioners of the noble Arts, will be most duly welcomed. All Roomes possess glass Windowes. Deliveries by Post occur nearly daily. Elevated Stagecoach runs regularly on the Broad-way. Tavernes abound, if you are in need of Victuals. Do provide Linkes indicative of your Station in Society, if possible.”

My response:

“While conducting an experiment in astro physics (I dabble).  I was propelled into the future and stumbled upon a writing machine capable of responding to your message.  I felt obliged to take full advantage of the opportunity and am thus expressing interest.”

Can’t wait to move in.

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