Sushi + Beer + Battlestar Galactica + Sleep = whoa…

I had to leave the party cause my friend was going home and I didn’t know anyone.  I went outside to hail a cab.  When I got in the car I told him where I was going and he got very nervous.

“Haven’t you been following the news?”

“Nah blud, I have been at a party getting squinked.  What’s good with the world?”

“There are riots all through the city.  I cannot drive you to your home as it is the butthole of the storm.”

“Word, well drop me off at a subway stop and I’ll take my chances.”

We turned down a one way street with two left turns approaching.  He passed the first one and we saw the subway stop to the right of the second left turn.  Just as he began to pull over a mob of 100 people came out of nowhere with bottles and torches.  He turned right to drive me into the subway, but missed to the left of it and drove down some stairs.  We were on the beach.  I saw the subway stop, but just as I began to get out of the car someone through a brick at the window.  I somehow got to the front seat someone started punching me through the broken window.  They were trying to pull me out of the car.

Someone shot the driver and I was thrown from the car.  The mob didn’t see that happen and I got up, dizzy.  A hand grabbed my arm.  It was a curly haired french man with a gun.  He was wearing a green and white one piece jump suit.

“Come with us.” He signaled to his partner.

We went straight, away from the mob and along the beach which was turning into a cliff side.  We were climbing up the cliff now, but the two french people were going too slow and I began to get frustrated.  I went ahead and came to the top of the cliff.  It was a beautiful wooden deck that went to a house and to the left was a dock.  People were boating and the sun was shinning.  There was a big ship anchored out far in the water and people were using little paddle boats to get to it.  A very plain man appeared wearing shorts and some sandles eating and apple.  He had sunglasses on his head.

“Can I go with them,” I said as a paddle boat left.

“No you cannot,” he said very matter-of-factly with a hint of a giggle.

“We went into the house and some people were on a couch watching the news.  Others were at computers and there was a frantic hum of chatter throughout the whole room.  A woman came through some doors and said hello and the apple eater went back to his computer.

The man was a hacker and had shut down the subways.  Apparently he was the leader of some resistance movement (the cohesion of the dream begins to fade at this point).  We talked about some shit and she told me where I had to go.  Some quest of sorts, but as she was finishing the lights go out and everyone freaks out.  I run to the kitchen and look out the window.  There is a group of people in black robs coming down the dock in rows of three.  They are holding knives.  As they approach the house to the left I see the same thing, but the people are wearing white and they are all women.

I find myself cornered in the kitchen as the two groups clash outside the window.  The girls in white come into the kitchen and I can see that their hats read “Church of Later-Day Saints.” (Just like this).  They approach me and ask me some questions and they say good, but then I say on my fruition, “but I am not with the church of later-day saints.” They began to slash at me with their knives and I end up killing them and running out of the house.  Some more stuff happens, but I don’t remember.


WHOA… not the craziest dream I have ever had, but easily the weirdest in weeks.

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