Indoor Skateboarding for the Conscientious Urbanite

Skateboarding inside: an exciting and dangerous pastime of youths around the world.  It’s a fact that skateboarding inside is fun.  You can watch TV, eat popcorn and talk on a landline.  It’s dangerous though.  Yes, of course the old no truck rip stick works for carpet, but really just isn’t the same.

I have solved all your problems.  Well, that is not true, but I have invented something that will allow you to shred hard indoors.  The best part, it is designed specifically for people who have neighbors bellow them and live in a small space.

I give you: THE SANDBOX

The Sandbox is brilliant and I will use a numbered list to show you why (please refer to above diagram):

1) The entire thing is surrounded in a mesh netting that will grab your board if you bail. No more broken windows or swankles.
2) The net collapses onto itself and is also removable for more experienced Sandboxers
3) Folding skate surface for easy storage.
4) Space age Masonite for buttery smooth tres.
5) The bottom of The Sandbox is lined with shock absorbing firm foam so your skate carnage does not bellow through the floors of your apt and into the ears of the man trying to twerk it to a Furby commercial.

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