While riding a bike around a corner Dorlyn almost dies and his life flashes before him in order to remind his body why it is important to live.  At the time though, he is dreaming about a girl he is in love with and his mind merges the two.  What is left is a new life; a life lived with the girl and his current love.  He thinks his entire life was lived with someone that he didn’t.  Does she dominate his thoughts because of his love for her, which is real, or because of a fictional past?  He realizes time doesn’t exist in his dreams and he can live there forever, in a fictional world, with the girl, where what he has done with his life doesn’t matter, or he can attempt to deal with the incontinuity of his memory and live in reality with the girl.


Inhaling the last breathe before peaking the bridge, Dorlyn stood up one more time and leaned forward.  Sitting back into the seat, gripping the bar and pulling forward is the end of the work.  Nothing but crisp wind, booty peepin’ and the pure joy of gravity lay ahead.

The idea of the girl entered his head with rush of water flowing over the banks of a swelling river just as his eyes opened.  No matter how sweet the dream, awakening to the feeling of longing ruined it.  Making it insignificant and trivial.

Riding a bike at times can be like reading while tired.  One can go from point A to point B with no definable route; even when there is no option for divergence.  Thus, when you arrive at B, and do not remember where A started, nor what took place in between you feel as if you lost something.  How did I not crash?  I wasn’t even conscience.  Dorlyn’s mind had wandered to a daydream and was transfixed on an imaginary picnic with the girl.  However, this time he did not arrive at point B.  A woman tying her show stood up and his body took over, swerving to the left.  At this moment his mind, protected only by his ability of his unconscious body to react, did all it could to remind his body why it should live.

The picnic was perfect as any picnic can be.  It did not want to be forgotten, but the mind has a way of doing what’s best, or worst, but not a happy medium.  Dorlyn’s entire life molded with daydream and what was left was an unfractured, pure new life.  The best mash up a brain can produce.

At reaching point B, nothing had happened.  Dorlyn’s mind and body were focused and he realized he was riding his bike.  1 second later than before, he road down the off ramp on onto Delancy.

That night, she dominated his dreams.  Only to be expected.  He loved her and what is love, but the inability to control your devotion?  So he thought nothing of it, but when he awoke, he awoke to the sun in his eyes.  There was no flood, or rush, just sun.  He remembered being on the beach as a child and forgetting to put sunscreen on and she was there too.

Something can be, or has been.  But, considering how time works to be is to have been.  In the case of Dorlyn though he can no longer tell if the girl he loves is, or was…ok this is getting stupid…forget it, the paraphrase is better.

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