Simple webcam with websockets and Processing

I heard someone was streaming Kinect data and it made me wonder if you could just stream image data over websockets if you encoded every frame to Base64. This is useful because you can use Base64 strings to define images in HTML:

var img;
ws.onmessage = function (e) {
$(”#image”).attr(’src’, ‘data:image/jpg;base64,’;

It also seems pretty straight forward [...]

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Are You Available For Some Party?!

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Late Plate died. You wouldn’t believe the potential greatness of that project. We attempted to embody the creative energy and unique culture of our social circle. How ironic that our number one past time is bailing. Thus, the blog died. RJ swears that if you read the activeCollab log you’ll see that it’s all there:

Date Plate – the dating service we designed
Rate Plate – custom made weighted rating system
Hate Plate – subjective/educated barrage of hate
Create Plate – gorgeous creations
Shot in the Face – revenge for minor annoyances
First Five – running late for a movie?
The Brick – you already know too much
Ubicap – it’s everything from everywhere
SYRUP – Java based file cataloger

Well, all good things come to an end…or never get started? C’est la vie bonnes gens. So I have decided to go my own way, just me and my Bad Ankles.